The Yarn Yee Tong Kung Fu Academy is open to students aged 5 and up. To allow for smaller classes where new students
can have more individual instruction, training is split into three classes: Beginners, Advanced, and the Yokine
Class for students of the Yokine Chinese School.

New students aged twelve and up will start in the Beginner’s Class, but can choose to move up to the Advanced Class for extra training
after learning the basics. Students under the age of 12 are strongly encouraged to attend the Nollamarra classes, where the smaller class will allow them more individual training from the teachers.

Training can include hand and weapon forms, self-defense techniques, sparring, flexibility and strength
exercises, breathing techiniques, pressure points and chi kung. Students can also choose to train to be part
of the Academy demonstration team, learning lion dance and music. As the exercises may not be suitable for everybody,
please inform Sifu Quyen if you have a medical condition before commencing training.

Interested students are invited to attend a free training session to see if Yarn Yee Tong is right for them.

Training times:



Beginner’s Class


1pm - 2pm

Advanced Class

7:15pm - 9pm

2pm - 5pm

Yokine Class


12am - 1pm

Yokine Class

The Yokine Class was opened in March 2004, and is open to the students of the Nollamara Chinese School
to train after their Chinese class. Children under 12 interested in learning kung fu with the academy
are also advised to train in the Yokine class, where the smaller class will allow them more
individual training from the teachers. The class is taught by several senior students of the Yarn Yee Tong Kung Fu

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