Sifu Quyen Luong

A master in Chinese martial arts is referred to as ‘Sifu’ (pronounced ‘See Foo’). Sifu Quyen Luong is a fourth generation Chow Ka kung fu master.

Sifu Quyen was born and raised within the large Chinese community that grew in Vietnam following the Japanese invasion of China in WWII.

Sifu Quyen began training at the age of five under ‘Si Gung’ (’See Goong’ = Grandmaster) Lau Kim Churng. Sifu Quyen was one of Lau Kim Churng’s most trusted and talented students for approximately 15 years.

This continuity was unfortunately broken by the social and political turmoil that had consumed Vietnam by the 1980’s. With little more than the clothes on their backs, Sifu Quyen and his family decided to immigrate to Australia.

Sifu Quyen started teaching kung fu with his brother Sifu Patrick at the end of 1986. Sifu Quyen had previously established classes at the Marangaroo Buddhist Temple the year before.

In 1989, they began training at the Nollamarra primary school grounds. One year later, they moved to the Mt.Lawley community sports hall. They continued teaching in Mt.Lawley for four years, until they again moved to the Bentley community sports hall in 1994.

During 1994, the Luong brothers took on many more students. As a result, they were forced to train new students at their respective homes. This informally marked the expansion of their Chow Ka school into the North Perth and South Perth branches.

Sifu Quyen and a group of dedicated senior students now train around 50 students of all ages at the Philipino Association Hall in Bedford, as well
as a class of younger students at the Nollamara Chinese School. His brother, Sifu Patrick, currently
trains students at his training hall in Carlisle.

Other Teachers

A number of trusted senior students assist Sifu Quyen during regular training, and also teach the
Yokine class.

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